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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions : Kamekoh LTD

● It is customer's responsibility to make and keep necessary backup of your data
before sending a device for repair in no event shall we (kamekoh LTD)
be liable for data loss occurred due to repair related operation.
● We have no resposibility for any damage or failure caused
by aged deterioration that happens naturally during our repair process.
● The products we replace have 2weeks to 6months warranty
depending on the products.
● The Warranty above are valid only in Japan.
● We are not responsible for scratches that can be made
during disassembling,and repair process.
★ The warranty does not apply to the damage due to misuse,abuse,software modification,
unauthorized repair by others,installation or removal,or by use with other equipment,fire,
windstorm,lightning,earthquake and any other natural disaster,operator error,computer virus infection.
★ We will dispose the data and the devices,we received without any notice,
if you leave them at our shop over 2 months.

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