Mac repair,data rescue service in sakyo-ku kyoto ,feel free to contact us in English!

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mac repair ,data recovery service in kyoto Japan

mac repair and data rescue service
at affordable price!

imacアルミ macbook macbookpro
If you are experiencing any problem over your mac in Japan,
We are here for you! we can support in English ,don't worry about the communication problem.
i know speaking Japanese is really hard thing to do ,if you are new to Japan or even you have been here for a couple of years.
(Most Japanese people are very friendly and you might be lazy about studying Japanese)
We offer the following services such as data rescue/recovery ,hard disc replacement,display replacement,power unit replacement,
RAM upgrade,HDD to SSD upgrade,
CPU fan ,heatsink cleaning,
Dual boot operating system(English and Japanese),
language conversion,virus(including malware,spyware) removal ,
used computer,new computer sales, computer ,display disposal + data erasing services as well. .
imacアルミ display replacement power unit capacitor replacement heatsink cleaning imac27 ssd upgrade
we have been in this realm ( computer repair , data recovery ,IT support) about 10years in Kyoto Japan.
we have lots of experiences,so set your mind at ease. (we have worked on thousands of laptop computers and tower computers)

Your mac does not boot up?
and you have the data you need?

Data Recovery service
we support the following media and devices.
●hard disc (laptop ,tower computer,Mac),external hard disc(HDD),Nas HDD,
SD card,Micro SDcard, Compact flash,smart phone,iphone,home vide camera,DVD-RW,DVD-R,
CD-R,CD-RW,USB thumb drive,floppy disc.

There are roughly 3 stages according to the the status of the media (device ).
①The device (HDD,SDcard etc.) is healthy status
②logical problem (example: HDD spins right and there is no damage on the platter.)
(example2: it is like index of books, if there are index ,we can find the contents easily, there is data inside but we can not find them because of loss of the path)
③phyical problem
the media is heavily damaged or in bad status.
ハードディスク内部 hdd内部アップ画像
 platter(disk shaped part)
Stage 18,500yen 
(ordered with computer repair 6500yen)
Stage 217,500yen~24,500yen(up to 500GB)
Stage 3quote needed (please ask)

Our shop locates in kyoto Japan. if you live in Kyoto,
and you can come to the shop ,

★please make an appointment before you come.

(our staff are often out of the shop ( onsite service) )
we can also ship the computers via kuroneko yamato(black cat)
★payment method:
we accept cash,paypal(credit card) ,C.O.D .
if you have any question and want to know more details,
please feel free to call us!
phone : 075-777-5534

nearest stations:
●Subway(kyoto subway line (地下鉄))Kitaoji station (北大路駅)
about 20mins walk from kitaoji station
or catch a bus to Rakuhoku koukou mae (only 3stops)
●Keihan line : Demachi yanagi station (出町柳駅)
about 20mins from demachiyanagi station
●JR kyoto : catch a bus to Ipponmatsu stop (appro. 15th stops )
appro 45min bus ride from JR kyoto station.

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